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Thank you. You made it very easy and enjoyable to create my logo.


Really Superb Website for making any kind of logo's. Thank a lot.
António Lourenço

António Lourenço

We found Logaster when looking for a logo solution for our startup. The price was attractive so we decided to give it a try. Finally we couldn't be more satisfied! The support is great and real quick. We needed some changes on our vectorials and after just sending them an email, we got it right and real quick. Recommended.
Srinivas Nagarajan

Srinivas Nagarajan

Logaster stands out of the other regular online logo design websites. One can see that the moment we login. A very easy UI and an astonishing service for a meager $5 a month. I personally had a wonderful personal customization to the logo, for which the logaster team worked on a sunday too! I am truly happy with logaster and their enthusiasm to serve!! I wish others get their logos and other stuff designed here!!

Mando Breshears

i loved it it was easy to use and very helpful

Masauso Banda

Your site is truly fantastic. Regards

Victor Monteiro

It was the first time I used the services of Logaster, and I'm super satisfied. A immediate support to the request I made. Demonstrate to be very efficient, and provide excellent service. My thanks

Phil Elfman

Btw your site is very cool I help small businesses get started in new York...legal, web development, now I can add print logo design:-) :-) :-) Thanks

Tomás Seara

Tell y what, your system is really great - your attitude is even better.. System you have there is excellent ... And your system 'rocks' many thanks indeed Sincerely

Rob Alan Martin

I think Logaster is awesome...and I've created a logo and signed up

Fakeermahamos Shakil

This is excellent, and many thanks for that.

Kurt De Pauw

Perfect !! Excellent support I must say, this is the best support I'll ever had for such a small price !

Himanshu Sharma

Thanks this is perfect

Ethan Rayhorn

Thanks for such a nice website, neat user interface, and reasonable pricing. I plan on using this much more in the future. Looking at some of the options that it generates, you'd think that a graphic designer spent hours on the font, colors, logo, etc. Super easy, and all I can say is wow!

Maria Méndez

I really enjoyed your site, and you guys rock :)

Mitchell Stingl

I wanted to say I am very happy with your response and level of service from your company. I would love to continue to use your company for future needs.


I must confess, your software is simple and wonderful

Chris Hoar

Awesome! Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!

Carol Horton

I am very happy with Logaster's logo creation services. I needed a logo for my website, and didn't have the budget to hire a designer. I looked around on the web for resources and found that Logaster had a more professional-looking and easy-to-use format than other logo-generating sites I found. I designed my own logo on their site, with help from the preset templates. The site allows for much choice in terms of logo designs, fonts, and layouts, but is also easy to use. When I had finished designing my logo and put it up on my website, the font did not look as solid and crisp as I wanted. So, I contacted customer support. They were very responsive, providing me with excellent files that worked great on the website very quickly. All in all, the process was very user-friendly and satisfactory.


Logaster let me quickly design a nice logo, which was just what I needed. The clip art was much better than other sites I tried; the icons are actually stylish and attractive!